Breeding and Tips

Good queens

A colony is only as good as its queen. The Buckfast strain combines a number of desired characteristics in a single bee such as: low swarming, gentleness, hardiness, resistance to disease and honey gathering ability.
That is why it really does pay to acquire genuine pedigree Buckfast queens.

Anyone can select a queen for breeding purposes, but like most professionals, we require statistical evidence to back up our judgment and selections. Our extensive breeding records and detailed evaluation system help us to spot queens that are suitable for breeding purposes.

We keep a large number of different breeding lines at all times. To obtain reliable statistical data, colonies headed by sister queens are evaluated in large groups, to see if a particular line performs well throughout the entire beekeeping season under all field conditions.

Every time we examine a colony it is given grades on a scale from 1 (low) to 5 (high) based upon fixed criteria for the characteristics of temper, behavior on the comb and inclination to swarm. At the end of the season they are computer analyzed. Note is also taken of the honey production, nosema resistance and hygienic behavior.

Most queens are two years old when used as breeders. Because they remain in their colonies throughout their working life, their performance can be monitored long after their daughters have been raised and mated, giving further valuable information about their character and behavior.
Lists of potential breeder queens are gradually obtained, and the choice between one sister queen and another is often finely balanced mostly because it is rare for two queens of the same line to be used as breeders in the same year. So, ultimately, the beekeeper’s experience, knowledge and judgment are required if the correct selection is to be made.

Before we get into detail with the topic mentioned above, the basic situation of queens reared in Germany should be identified: The largest group of German beekeepers is not engaged in breeding..
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