Virgin Queens

A good apiarist is able to produce slightly up to 5,000 virgin queens in a season.

Well-fertilized queens, however, can not be produces to the same extent.Here, only the strongest businesses have the possibility to reach this aim. There are too many factors that play an important role: the weather, hybridisation, time-consuming assessments of breeding. These are all variables that occupy both time and money.

Therefore, every breeder, including us, is interested in selling virgin queens.

But what happens to the virgin queens when they have arrived at you?

We only want to sum up some typical errors:

  • No experience in adding a virgin queen (always with an artificial swarm followed by captivity)
  • Copulation: "Everything will be fine, because finally the maternal genome dominates."
  • Lack of coordination during the breeding work (missing cooperation with guard/ important features are neglected)

With virgin queens you have a low-cost possibility to:

  • refresh own material
  • achieve inexpensive and good economic queens
  •  be involved at the current breeding progress

However, this does not succeed if basic prerequisites like a safe place for the apiaries are not met.

If the cost is too big for you to have an own place for apiaries (because you might only have three colonies), we advise you to buy copulated queen bees. Here you have the assurance to acquire good quality, because no well-known breeder is risking his good name!

… And if, despite of all efforts, something went wrong, you can inform the breeder - there is always a solution. You can never complain because of half-hearted efforts. If you need fertilized queens, please talk to us in time because we are not able to cover the current needs. You should place your order in March until April.

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