Local honey produced in our own beekeeping

ur apiaries are at the border between the Sauerland and the Ruhr area, away from industries and pollution. We achieve our honey through the naturally way of working. It is from organically farmed land, surrounded by orchards or wild plants in a relatively pristine nature. Honey is captured sunshine.

As nectar or honeydew collected by bees and with their own substances produced in their bodies refined, honey is a special elixir of life and an unaltered natural product.

The hard work of the bees is proverbial: they have to fly to three up to five million flowers to get nectar for one kilogram of honey. Metaphorically speaking, it is like flying six times around the world.

Separate quality controls as well as working together with food laboratories like the one of Dr. Lüllmann in Bremen, are a matter of course. Also the compliance of all guidelines is necessary for an ecologically running beekeeping.

To combat diseases of bees, we renounce the use of the chemical mace"- also allowed pharmaceutical means won t find any way into our honey. So we simply use defence funds, which already exist in honey: essential oils, formic acid and lactic acid.

This prevents that residues could accumulate in wax, which is then easily transferred into the honey.

Please get us right: We do not have the official "green"- seal. We do not believe that a certification of our honey would make it better, but certainly more expensive.

Unfortunately (or thank God?) our honey doesn t taste like the year before: taste, aroma, texture and colour are not repeatable. Some varieties are limited or even not available - it's just like wine with good and bad vintages.

But one thing is certain: You will always taste the incomparable nature . Please visit our online-shop Of course, we will send you free copies of our analyses of honey as well.

Crystal beekeeping is very important to us.
Other beekeepers enquire about our prices for bulk containers individually with us, please.

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